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Our Social Responsibility

Social ResponsibilitySince our establishment, corporate social responsibility has been our key value.  In previous years we have donated 10% of our profits to educating orphans and helping old folk in the winter.


This year we are asking all our clients to select charities, which they would like to support.  We pledge the first 10% of revenue to be donated to these charities. 


As we continue to work with the best and brightest executives in Asia and the Middle East, it is worth remembering that even more work needs to be done to help the talent in the towns, villages and communities.


Please contact us to find out more about the wonderful causes we are supporting this year.


Our  Charity of the Year in China is “The LIbrary Project”, and the first 10% of all revenue is donated to help them give orphans throughout China a chance to develop their potential.   See their web site for  more information.









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