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ROIROI – Better Results


In a recent survey, HR buyers said that only 3% of training providers were able to suit their needs. That means that a great deal of time and money is being wasted.


97% of training companies out there are offering training that you will find ineffective. That means their training methods are not suitable. They are not delivering on promised services. Their trainers are unqualified and their training content is old and clichéd.


It doesn’t serve your company’s purpose and the time wasted by taking key people away from their work responsibilities far outweighs the cost of training.


These programs are focused on getting results through your people:


Programs to Getting Results

  • Problem Solving for Teams
  • International Team Collaboration
  • Cross Cultural Collaboration
  • Going for Results
  • Project Management
  • Negotiating for Results
  • Developing the High-Performance Workplace
  • The Emerging Role of Facilitator: Working with Groups and Teams
  • Plotting the Future: Planning
  • Translating Plans into Actions: Organizing
  • Implementing Plans: Directing
  • Managing Change: The Power of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Tracking Plans with Actions: Controlling


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