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Ask us how we helped these clients facilitate better business results:

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you most sincerely for the great job you did on Monday evening.  Everyone was extremely complementary about the event and how professional it was, and we certainly couldn't have done such a good job without you!
We are still counting up the revenues, and will send out a formal letter soon to all our donors, sponsors, volunteers and guests to let them know exactly how much we raised, but it looks like we achieved our target of RMB100K, which is a great outcome." -
Corinne Hua, Founding Director, Stepping Stones

"Thank you for last week's seminar; I found it very helpful.  This morning we had our first meeting using the techniques I learnt last week and it went well. Of course it will take a few weeks to work out the minor kinks and educate my staff, but in time this will be a very useful tool in helping us become more productive in our daily work."
- Adam McWhirter, General Manager, Maxelli Real Estate, Chongqing

"Thank you very much for the handout. I enjoyed the time in the training course, and I believe what I have learnt can help me organize an effective meeting. Thank you again!" -
Fiona Zhou, Education Marketing and Scholarships Officer, Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate-General.

"Thanks again for yesterday's training. It is very helpful. I am sure the new skills will make my meetings more efficient."- Regina Jin,HR Professional Staffing, Johnson Controls Inc.

"These are really excellent learning materials for the participants to keep for their future references. Please let me express my gratitude to you for your efforts that you put into design and delivery of the Writing Course. Let's keep in touch".  - Iris Qin, HR Director, BHP Billiton


"Warwick took a difficult position, in a newly emerging market, and created results, year after year. The best thing about Warwick was that he was never dissuaded from his goals, no matter what the market situation was. His approach and style set him a notch above the other's working in the field, and his persistence brought home the results at the end of the day." June 5, 2006 - Zain T Dean, CEO, NCL was with another company when working with Warwick at Evolve New Media


"I find Warwick to be a Great Visionary with fabulous foresight, AND a relentless worker at the same time. His founding of the Professional Speakers' Association in China takes lots of courage, foresight, and hard work. I admire Warwick's dedication to the cause, and will recommend him to anyone who seeks to be a speaker/ trainer here in China." April 17, 2007 - C J Ng (cydj001@21cn.com), Manager - Marketing & Communication, Asia, Meridian IQ Asia Ltd worked directly with Warwick at Professional Speakers Association of China


"Warwick is a true professional, a speaker who excels in his ability. His great attitude, leadership and management qualities make him an asset to any business or project." October 10, 2006 -Richard Santoro hired Warwick as a Business Consultant in 2006, and hired Warwick John more than once


"Warwick is taking on the important role of pioneering the first Professional Speakers Association (PSA) in China for charter membership. His extensive connections and experience in the world of professional speaking/presenting/ training will surely lead PSA-China to a flourishing start. I have worked with Warwick in organizing and presenting workshops on how to include humor in presentations." January 30, 2006- Matthew Bloomfield worked directly with Warwick at Professional Speakers Association of China


"I am inspired by Warwick's passion in Toastmasters as a great leader and benefit a lot from his quick thinking skills training in unprepared speech." January 22, 2006 - ZhenYu Lei, Application Development Manager, DSM worked with Warwick at Toastmasters International


"Excellent communicator and leader in Toastmasters Shanghai Community. He is willing to help people around him and motivate them to grow together." December 7, 2005 - Marco Meng worked directly with Warwick at Toastmasters International


"A good speaker, a responsible mentor, an efficient planner, an excellent implementer! He can bring any Toastmaster club to a President Distinguished Club!" September 12, 2005 - Rebecca Hong, President Shanghai Leadership Toastmasters Club, Toastmasters International worked directly with Warwick at Toastmasters International


"Warwick is a great communicator and true leader with passion." August 28, 2005 - Victor Yu, Product Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives worked indirectly for Warwick at Toastmasters International


"I have had the pleasure of speaking at an event where Warwick also spoke. Fortunately for me, Warwick spoke first, which meant the audience was lively, enthusiastic, and ready to interact when I took the podium. Warwick believes strongly in what he does, and it shows." May 6, 2006, Eric Meade was with another company when working with Warwick at TEAMSWORK


"Warwick is a person with substance and charisma. He is ready to help people." February 6, 2006, Trant Ni was with another company when working with Warwick at TEAMSWORK


"He cares about clients. He knows what he is doing. He brings value to clients." September 12, 2005 - Rebecca Hong worked directly with Warwick at TEAMSWORK


"Warwick's contribution to Toastmasters learning began in Taiwan. An award winning Toastmaster, he was instrumental in launching Shanghai University's toastmasters club in 2003 before serving as a driving force in opening other clubs in Shanghai." August 30, 2005 - Darren Paproski, Professor, Malaspina university


"The Best Speaker I have seen." August 26, 2005 - Wei Yi was Warwick client

"Warwick has presented his capabilities and professional skills very well when he was working in Learning Dept E&Y. He designed very interesting and creative English learning courses for the professional staff. We all enjoyed the courses very much. He was also willing to help staff in their English skills whenever people needed help. He is very sociable and made a lot of friends in work." February 13, 2006 - Joanne Wang, Consultant, Accounting Firm worked with Warwick at Ernst & Young


"Thank you for a really interesting workshop on Thursday in Chongqing – as a participant, it was very helpful and focused my mind more on how to make meetings work rather than just happen! I intend to put the tips into practice. The other participants have also told me that they found it very useful and will be sharing what they learned with their colleagues." - Isabel Brough,General Manager, British Chamber of Commerce South West China.

"The workshop last night was useful. I've gotten some useful tips I'm looking forward to trying out." -
Daniel Konieczny, Senior Process Consultant Consumer Electronics PLM Competency Center AP  at Siemens UGS

"Warwick is a wonderful team player, a person committed to personal excellence and someone who is willing to go out of his way to make a difference. An awesome bridge to doing business in China." - Mr Dave Rogers, Chief Mentor Coach, XL Results Foundation


"I really enjoyed your sharing on "The Sleeping Dragon Awakes.." because it is an eye opener for us here in the Philippines." -Ma. Cristina P. Sendin, Central Bank of the Philippines


"Thank you once again for accepting our invitation to present during the ARTDO conference. It was great being your session coordinator. Thanks!" - Serely Alcaraz, Dale Carnegie Training


"It was indeed a pleasure meeting you during the ARTDO Conference.  We hope that we could see and hear more from you.  All the best in all your endeavors in China." - Arnold F. De La Cruz, Philippine Airlines


"On behalf of the President and members of the Rotary Club of Shanghai, thank you for your visit to be our guest speaker today, the speech was impressed by our members, visiting Rotarians and guests, we wish you can make another speech in the future." - Peter Fu, Secretary for Rotary Club of Shanghai


"I really enjoy working with you and all the other members!" – Mr Jacky Liang, QC manager, National Instruments


"I'm glad to have sit in your concurrent session during the second day.  I have learned quite a bit which I took back to the office with me." -Shirman Tan, HR Management Services Head, Philippine Daily Inquirer


"I just came out of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest and heard that you won first place for the non-region portion of the contest! Good for you. What a great accomplishment. I was hoping to see you up on stage so I can meet you and thank you for sending so many members to Year To Success. Be proud of your accomplishment!" - Mr Bo Bennett, CEO,Boston Datacenters, Inc.


"Thank you for your excellence speech in the secretaries conference. Everyone was impressed by your presentation."  -Joe Lu, CIIC-Quest Training Division


"We, in the Bahrain Society of Training and Development, would indeed like to see you in Bahrain in 2006. You will like our country!" A.Monem Al-Shaikh,Training Manager,Jawad Business Group


"Truly wonderful to meet a speaker like you.  I found out you are humble and fun to be with."-  Sheila V. Villena, Inner Sun Consultants, Manila


"Thanks for the enlightening talk you gave us last week here in Manila. From your talk, i was inspired by the prospect of working there in china as organization development professional." -Luciano T. Cantal Jr., Managing Consultant, Learning, Training and Consulting Networks


"Thank you also for a very insightful presentation. After listening to your talk a lot of HR practitioners, myself included, are now contemplating to work there in China." - Janette S Uson, Training Officer, Unilab Nutritionals Inc


"It was a privilege and honour to have you participate in the recent Asia Pacific Speakers Summit. Your support played a big part in making it a success! I learned a lot from all of you and it was indeed a joy to see you deliver your craft with such professionalism and pride" - Norhidayah Hassan, Chairperso


"I wanted to extend my congratulations to you on being elected Chairman of the Council.  I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!  Thank you for all that you do for our great organization.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you in the future." - Nancy Langton, Director, Operations and Administration, Toastmasters International


"Thank you very much for your kind effort to help us in improving our performance and skills." -Mr Del Liu, General Manager, Chevrontexaco


"Thank you for your enthusiasm for helping us to learn the skills. Your humor also had left us with a deep impression. I think it will be welcome if there are more training on such topics. " - Ms Joy Liu, Treasury, Sino life Insurance


"Your advice really worked and I could successfully transform my speech into an winning one. Thank you for your support and will be back soon! " - Azuma Kiminari,  Tyco Electronics, Japan.


"Warwick, A very big thanks for your help on the Treasure Hunt - it really was a lovely addition to the day" -  Jane Prince, Special Events, British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

"Today I spent over 3 hours on your website and learned a lot.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!" - Liu Linkai (Leo), Manager of Environmental, Health and Safety , Bechtel China Engineering Inc.

"Thanks for your update, it’s really useful for me. Look forward to receive more next steps from you!" - Zhou Peng, Technical Manager, FMC BioPolymer-China