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Our consulting & training process is based on the Global People Development Process (GPDP). We take a 4 stage approach to increasing the return on your training investment.


Global People Development Process


A. Pre-Project

We are your partner. We use our experience to define the challenges your managers face at work. We will support you to identify your company’s learning needs. We can align our learning goals to be in-line with your competency model when necessary. We work with you to secure endorsement from appropriate and applicable senior management to play a role in the design of the learning criteria. We will help you identify talent and find out who are the high potentials you want to develop. We will assess the current talent gap through focus groups and interviews.


B. During the Project

We select consulting & training methodologies that work. We have trainers who know how to best deliver them. We engage our participants through business smarts, skillful facilitation and pure enthusiasm. Our training programs are an experience. You won’t fall asleep, and you won’t feel like you are wasting your time. Our preparation pays off because every minute is precisely planned and filled with cases, tips and exercises


C. Post Project Follow Through

We partner with your people development team – like HR - to address the role training plans in the company’s objectives. We help you understand and deliver on the expectations your supervisor has from you. We ensure that the training ties in with your company’s crucial objectives,


D. Key Know-How Transfer

We coach you through the challenges they are going to encounter in the short, middle and long term. We train your in house team in the coaching and facilitation skills they need to continue getting the results from your team.